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A Comprehensive Break Down of The Yam Drying Process

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A Comprehensive Break Down of The Yam Drying Process

The drying with an air energy heat pump

The drying process of agricultural products like kudzu, sweet potatoes, and potatoes is distinct from the drying process of flower and leaf materials. Yam is an example of a typical rhizome material. It is essential to pay careful attention to the process of dehydration during the drying process in order to guarantee that the yam slices are dried evenly, to obtain the desired appearance and flavour, and to successfully preserve the medicinal components. The notion of the reverse Carnot cycle serves as the foundation for its operative mechanism. Through the employment of a compressor, a tiny amount of electrical energy is utilised in order to effectively absorb heat from the air. After going through the expansion valve, the working fluid is then allowed to pass into the evaporator, where it is transformed into a gaseous state. After going through the compressor, the gas is compressed into a high-pressure and high-temperature gas, and it is then introduced into the condenser, where it is allowed to lose heat. A continual drying and heating process is performed on the heating media.

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yam drying machine

Adhere to him.

Yam is a medicinal herb that is documented in the Chinese Materia Medica. It is also known as sweet potato, yam, Huaishan yam, Huaishan yam, and white yam due to its many different names. The dried rhizomes of the yam plant, which belongs to the family Dioscoreaceae, are the source of this medicinal substance.

A large quantity of protein, sugars, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, glucose, crude protein amino acids, bile alkaloids, and allantoin are found in yam, which is a food that is considered to be extremely nutritious. Yam also contains essential inorganic salts and trace elements that are necessary for the human body, such as iodine, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

Yam that has just been discovered

After the yam has been peeled, it should be cut into Huaishan slices that are of the same thickness and size throughout. Once the water has been treated, it should be drained and then placed on a frame made of stainless steel. It is important to avoid piling it up and to ensure that there is a particular distance between each slice.

1) The initial stage, which is the heating stage: Using the baking rack, place the sliced yam in a flat position and then move it into the baking room. The Eleanor heat pump dryer should be started, and hot air should be supplied to the box. The temperature inside should be gradually raised to fifty degrees Celsius for thirty minutes to one and a half hours. The process of dehumidification starts when the humidity level rises. During the dehumidification process, the Eleanor heat pump dryer should be utilised to keep the temperature at a consistent level.

In the second phase, which is the stage of constant speed drying and moisture removal: A high humidity and low temperature stage, followed by a medium humidity and medium temperature stage, should be the two stages that it should be separated into. Under conditions of high humidity and low temperature, the temperature should be lower than fifty degrees, with a range of forty degrees to fifty degrees. This is done to prevent the colour of the yam from changing as a result of the combination of high temperature and high humidity. At any given moment, dehumidify the yam and pay attention to the changes that occur in the water vapour on its surface. The duration of this time frame need to be between three and three and a half hours. A temperature that is less than sixty degrees and is within the range of fifty to sixty degrees is considered to be in the medium humidity and medium temperature range. During this time period, dehumidification should be accomplished by the use of fresh air, and some modifications should be made in accordance with the amount of moisture present.

Room for drying in Huaishan

There is a temperature range of sixty degrees Celsius to seventy degrees Celsius during the third stage, which is known as the slowdown and solidification stage. This stage is also referred to as the low humidity and high temperature stage. The early stage should not surpass 70 degrees Celsius, while the later stage should not exceed 75 degrees Celsius. This phase ought to last between five and seven hours.

One of the most common types of rhizome material used for air drying equipment is yam. When compared to the drying process used for flower and leaf materials, this sort of agricultural product, which includes kudzu root, sweet potato, potato, gastrodia elata, and other similar items, is something entirely different. During the drying process, it is essential to pay attention to a balanced dehydration in order to guarantee that the yam slices are dried evenly, to achieve the desired look and taste quality, and to successfully keep the medicinal components.

The impact that Huaishan's drying has had

Chinese yam is the most recent incarnation of the Huaishan variety that has been chosen by the Vegetable Science Research Institute. Its name comes from the purple red colour of its flesh. When compared to the white Huaishan that is typically seen on the market, the starch in Ziyu Huaishan is significantly higher.

Our company

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