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Dryera brand heat pump fruit drying machine, it is perfect for the fruits drying, it with hot dry, cool dry and dehumidify function. The temperature is from 18C to 80C adjustable. After fully dried, even can use the cool air to cool the fruits before packing.

It only use 25% electricity compare to the traditional dryer, with different loading capacity optional. It can dehydrate different types of fruits, such as coconut copra dehydrate, desiccated coconut drying, coconut flake drying, peach dehydrate, strawberry dehydrate, dates dehydrate, pear dehydrate, plum or prunes dehydrate, cherry dehydrate, blueberry dehydrate, blackberry dehydrate, hawthorn dehydrate, golden berry dehydrate, goji dehydrate, longan dehydrate, litchi dehydrate, wax berry dehydrate, olive dehydrate, durian dehydrate etc.

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