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Hang Type Drying Machine

Hang type heat pump food dryer machine, this one is for the products need to hang up, like stick noodle, spaghetti, sausage, fish need to hang etc...... Hangers and machine all with food grade food grade stainless steel 304 material optional.

It optional from small capacity like 100kg to big capacity up to 10 tons. This one two option of the dryer part and chamber part integrated or separately. It saves 75% electricity compare to the traditional one, the temperature is adjustable from 18-80℃, and the function of hot drying, cold drying, or dehumidification can be selected. High efficiency and fast drying

This heat pump with optional of just Open-loop heat pump dryer, just closed-loop loop heat pump dehydrator or open and closed loop heat pump drying machine. Each dryer machine with intelligent digital control, and are easy to move with pulleys.

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