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Dryera brand Nuts Drying Machine is perfect for the nuts drying. It suitable for the nuts which need to stack together, it is very easy to load and unload the products, and it can load more products if in the same space compare to the tray types. Temperature is from 18C to 75C, then even the nuts which need lower temperature drying is also perfect suitable, humidity control can speed up the drying. Half vacuum design make the products to be dried evenly.

It is suitable for different types of products like peanut drying, groundnut drying, pistachio drying, walnut drying, pecan drying, macadamia drying, hazelnut drying, brazil nut drying, pine nut drying, almond drying, badam drying, ginkgo drying, sunflower seeds drying, pumpkin seed drying, watermelon seed drying, cashew nut drying etc.  

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