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Dryera brand Seafood Drying Machine is perfect for the seafood drying, the temperature is from 18C to 75C drying. For the seafood drying, it optional with low temperature drying around 20C or with higher temperature drying around 55C. It with hot dry, cool dry and dehumidify functions. The PLC control board to set the drying temperature, drying time and humidity percentage automatically.

This one with 100kg to 5tons different loading capacity optional. It can dry different types of seafood, like fish drying, shrimp shell drying, prawn drying, shrimp head drying, mussel drying, sea kelp drying, algae drying, seaweeds drying, oysters drying, octopus drying, sea cucumber drying, abalone drying, spirulina drying, crab shell drying etc.

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