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Dryera brand Spices Dryer Machine is perfect for the spices drying, the spices can be stack together, hot air goes through bottom to the top, and all the spices can be dried evenly. Temperature is from 18C to 75C adjusted, it also with dehumidify function, humidity control is from 5% to 99% adjusted.

This one with different capacity from 300kg to 10 tons available, it is suitable for different types of fruits drying, such as white or black pepper drying, aniseed or star anise drying, cardamom drying, garlic drying, fennel seed drying,red pepper chilli drying, cinnamon or cassia drying, bay leaf or laurus nobilis drying, oregano drying, vanilla drying, cumin drying, lilac or clove drying, thyme drying, rosemary drying,nutmeg drying,mustard seeds drying, celery seeds drying, fenugreek drying, coriander seeds drying, basil seeds drying, dill seed drying, chickpea drying, saffron drying, ginger drying, turmeric drying, lemon grass drying, curry leaves drying, garri drying, tamarind drying,citronella drying etc.

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