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Dryera brand Vegetable Heat Pump Dryer Machine is perfect for the vegetable drying, saves 75% electricity compare to the traditional dryer machine, 18C to 75C temperature adjustable, humidity is from 5% to 99% adjustable. With PLC control panel to set all the drying parameters, then operate can operate automatically.

This one with 100kg to 5000kg different loading capacity optional. It can dehydrate different types of vegetables, such as shiitake mushroom dehydrate, cassava leaf chip dehydrate, agaric dehydrate, moringa leaf dehydrate, pumpkin dehydrate, bamboo shoot dehydrate, onion bulb dehydrate,sweet potato dehydrate,carrot dehydrate,cherry tomato dehydrate,potato chips dehydrate, yam dehydrate, okra dehydrate, olive leaves dehydrate, cabbage dehydrate, white fungus dehydrate, mint dehydrate, chayote slice dehydrate, lettuce dehydrate,spinach dehydrate etc.

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