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Dryera brand Herb Drying Machine is perfect for the herbs drying. Firstly the temperature is from 18C to 75C adjustable, then it can use low temperature for the gentle drying at the beginning, it helps to keep the good color and smell of the herbs. Secondly it with dehumidify function, also can collect the hydrolat of the herbs if any need. Especially the herbs is very sensitive, then must use low temperature drying. Especially during the hot weather, even the required drying temperature is lower than ambient temperature, it is also no problem, because this heat pump dying machine with hot dry, cool dry and dehumidify functions.

It is suitable for different types of herbs drying, like medicinal herbs drying, herbs snow drying, medical herbal drying, hemp drying, angelica drying, wheat herb drying, honeysuckle drying, glossy ganoderma drying, alfalfa drying, plantain drying, herba plantagins drying, palm kernel drying, American ginseng drying, maca drying, ashwagandha roots drying, lily root drying, Cordyceps sinensis drying, cordyceps militaris drying etc.

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