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Fruit dryers on the market

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Fruit dryers on the market

A belt-style commercial fruit drier is a type of drying equipment that delivers products for continuous drying on a steel mesh conveyor belt. Because it is designed like a mesh, the conveyor belt is most effective for drying regular or irregular lumps (such as fruits, vegetables, coal lumps, and so on). This gadget works with a variety of tools. You may, of course, utilize it on your own. Because of its unique properties, our fruit drying equipment is ideal for drying fruits and vegetables.

Commercial fruit drier machine application range

Our fruit and vegetable dryer has a wide range of applications: dried fruit, fruit, dried fruit, mangosteen, mango, kiwi, jujube, pear, peach, candied date, banana, lemon, apple, persimmon, grape, papaya, plum, Mulberries, walnuts, nuts, longan, figs, pine nuts, peanuts, preserved fruits, chestnuts, betel nuts, pineapples, grass fruits, lychees, pistachios, lotus seeds, strawberries, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. The dryer can dry a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal supplies.

Fruit and vegetable dryer performance characteristics

High production, high productivity, and excellent product quality.In standardized manufacturing, the number of segments can be raised in proportion to output.Air volume, heating temperature, material residence time, and feeding rate are all adjustable factors.The equipment configuration is flexible. It can also utilize devices for cooling materials and cleaning mesh belts.Energy saving and air recycling are both important.The revolutionary air distribution technology ensures product quality uniformity and enhances hot air dispersion.

How does a fruit drier function?

The commercial fruit dryer machine is a batch, continuous production drier. Its principal heating methods are electric, steam, and biomass. The basic concept is to evenly distribute the material throughout the mesh belt.The transmission mechanism drags a steel mesh belt with a 12-60 mesh made of 12 gauge to move back and forth in the dryer. The warm air moves the materials. Water vapor is also discharged through the moisture drainage pores to achieve the drying purpose. The box's whole length is made up of standard parts. If you want to save space, you may build the dryer in many layers. Two rooms and three storeys are common, as are two rooms and five floors, with a length of 6-40m and an effective width of 0.6-3.0m.

Where can I get a fruit dryer?

When making large purchases of machinery, many customers say they trust firms and factories in their home nation more. Given the globalization of the market nowadays, you don't have to limit yourself to acquiring equipment near to your house. We may all make our own choices as long as the belt-type industrial fruit drying machine is fairly priced and of high quality. Because the globe is so huge, there are countless options open to you. If you require this machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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