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Air energy drying technology is compared with the traditional drying technology

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Air energy drying technology is compared with the traditional drying technology

At the moment, almost all production processes in agriculture, food, the chemical industry, the pottery industry, medicine, mineral processing, pulp and paper making, wood processing, and other industries are used to dry, and the quality of drying materials depends on whether a good control of constant temperature is maintained. Furthermore, the air energy heat pump drying method is gentle, similar to natural drying, and better suited to most agricultural goods, medical materials, and other heat-sensitive materials.

Traditional drying processes' characteristics

The reverse principle is used by the air energy heat pump dryer to collect heat from the air outside the drying room and transmit it to the room to achieve the drying room temperature, together with the related equipment to achieve material drying. The heat pump evaporator absorbs heat in the air during the working process; after the compressor work, the energy is handled (transferred) to the drying room; the drying room absorbs moisture in the material after repeated cycle heating; and the moisture in the material realizes continuous drying through the hot air wet or condensate drainage process.

Air-energy heat pump drying method characteristics

Depending on the material, the drying temperature may be changed.

The drying time is minimal. Air energy heat pump drying is a material dehydration technology that takes half the time of typical drying.

Excellent drying quality. The product color is good and the internal quality is steady during the air energy heat pump drying process of material manufacture.

Low volume of energy. Because the drying process of an air energy heat pump employs air circulation, the heating temperature is dictated by the material, the drying time is quick, and the capacity is great. As a result, the heat pump drying process uses less energy, making it an excellent energy-saving product.

Economic and technological indicators are compared.

Air energy heat pump drying technology has much greater economic and technical indicators than traditional drying technology, which is primarily represented in energy savings, quality, efficiency, and other aspects.

Energy consumption: The air-energy heat pump drier uses 90% less energy than a standard dryer, according to the test.

Air energy heat pump drying method, consistent product quality, good color, no SO2 or other residual dew substances.

Efficiency: The utilization of air energy heat pumps to dry items; qualified moisture content; no rework phenomenon; and fast drying time.


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