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Heat Pump Food Dryer

Dryera brand heat pump food drying machine

Model Number: DHC-03SB
Power Supply: 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Input: 3.86 to17.6kw/h
Temperature range: 18C to 80C
Loading capacity: 100kg to 5 tons
MOQ: 1 Unit
Lead Time: 10~30 working days
Warranty: 1 Year
This industrial food dehydrator and pasta dryer mainly for the food which need to hang up. And the air will blow from top to bottom, then whole products can be dried evenly and won’t crack. It perfectly suitable for the sausage drying, rice noodle drying, stick noodle drying, spaghetti drying, vermicelli drying, tobacco leaves drying, fish drying, meat dehydrating etc.

Why Dryera heat pump drying machine?


Products introduction

主机+烘房 10xcf(内不锈钢外彩钢+不锈钢挂架) (3) 主图

This heat pump dehydrator designed for the products need to hang up.

The air duct is different, wind blows from top to bottom, then all the products can be dried gently and evenly.

The size of the machine can be customized, with different capacity loading optional.


Temp. Control 18~75 18~75 18~75
Dehumi. Capacity L/h 7 20 45
Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify
Loaing Capacity kg 100-200 500-600 1000-1200

Rated Power Input kW 3.86 10.6 17.6
Rated Current Input A 6.5 17.9 35
Voltage/Frequency V,HZ 380V/50HZ/60Hz 380V/50HZ/60Hz 380V/50HZ/60Hz
Emergency Auxiliary Heating Power Input kW 6 9 18
Refrigerant Type
R134a R134a R134a
Weight and packing

Operation ambient Temp. -5-50 -5-50 -5-50
Weight kg 450 650 1550
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1865*1310*2250 1950*1310*2250 4235*1950*2500

Our advantage


Patented Heat Pump Plus Negative Pressure technology

Products 100% dried evenly

1 2

PLC Control Panel


Digital display panel, easy to control

The drying time and humidity setting can meet different products drying requirement

Products Details

图片1 图片2 图片3 图片4

All the products can be hung inside of the drying chamber, besides some products must be hung and dry


Compact size, saves space and shipping cost

Material of chamber panel optional with stainless steel 304 or coated steel

The trolley and hangers also with food grade SS304 material

55 4-1 4-2

Emerson compressor

Anti-rust condenser and evaporator    

Patented control system

4-3 4 4-4

Food grade SS304 available

Top quality fan motor

With wheels to move


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Sausage dehydrating Rice noodle dehydrating Stick noodle dehydrating 
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Spaghetti dehydrating Vermicelli dehydrating Tobacco leaves dehydrating
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Fish dehydrating Meat drying Other products drying

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