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Can Fruit Dryer Cause Nutrition Loss After Drying?

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Can Fruit Dryer Cause Nutrition Loss After Drying?

Fruit is called dried fruit after drying. It is made by dehydration and drying of fresh fruit through a fruit dryer. The dried fruit not only retains the original color, nutrition and flavor, but also is easy to store and convenient for transportation. But many people worry that after the dried fruit or fruit will lose the original nutrients because of dehydration, then let JIMU fruit dryer for you to answer.

The fruit dryer will contract the peel during the drying process, and we will eat all the peel fiber into it. Because there is no water, it is not easy to deteriorate, retain most of the antioxidant components, easier to carry and preserve, is a high-quality small food in daily life.

Not only that, the dried fruit is also easier to match with a variety of foods, eating the effect is also different, so that people have a better taste experience.

Drying way after constant update, people also summed up a lot of experience, find out the shortcomings and deficiencies of various drying equipment, combined with the processing requirements of various ingredients, the rise of a new generation of drying equipment- air energy fruit dryer, its appears, let drying to the intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection, make drying subversive change.

JIMU air energy fruit dryer

Set dehumidification, hot air drying, cold air drying in one, can consider a variety of fruits, food ingredients, Chinese medicinal materials drying needs.

When using, you only need to set the drying time of each stage in advance, drying temperature, dehumidification, air exhaust, and accurately control the drying process variables in advance, making the drying operation simpler and improving the quality of drying ingredients.

However, the air energy dryer machine, the reason why the rise in the drying market, more importantly, it is its excellent performance in energy consumption.

Heat pump is to absorb heat from the air, high heating efficiency is more than electric heating furnace. In the ideal state, the heating efficiency of the air energy heat pump can reach 400%, which is 4 times that of the electric furnace, it is equivalent to 75% electricity saving than the electric heating furnace.

In the long term, the longer the use time of the equipment, the more significant the saving effect is. The energy consumption gap between air energy fruit dryer and electric heating furnace will also be further widened.

apple dryerpineapple drying machine

Heat, air dryness, and air circulation are all required for successful drying.

Choose fruit that will be dried at their best flavour and freshness.

Blanch veggies before drying to inhibit enzyme activity and increase microbial killing.

Store dried goods in firmly sealed containers in a cold, dry location.

Drying is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. Food is preserved by drying by removing enough moisture from it to avoid rot and spoiling. Depending on the item, the water percentage in thoroughly dried food ranges from 5 to 25%. Drying success is dependent on:

sufficient heat to extract moisture without cooking the food dry air to absorb the moisture emitted; and adequate air circulation to take off the moisture.

When drying foods, the aim is to eliminate moisture as soon as possible while maintaining the flavour, texture, and colour of the meal. If the temperature is too low at first, microbes may survive and even multiply before the food has dried sufficiently. Food may solidify on the surface if the temperature is too high and the humidity is too low. This makes moisture escape more difficult, and the food does not dry properly.

Although drying is a basic way of food preservation, the process is not precise. A "trial and error" approach is frequently required to determine which strategies perform best.

Dried Food Nutritional Value

Drying, like all techniques of preservation, can result in nutritional loss. The following nutritional changes occur during drying:The calorie content remains unchanged, but it is condensed into a smaller mass as moisture is removed.

Dryera brand heat pump fruit drying machine, it is perfect for the fruits drying, it with hot dry, cool dry and dehumidify function. The temperature is from 18C to 80C adjustable. After fully dried, even can use the cool air to cool the fruits before packing.

It only use 25% electricity compare to the traditional dryer, with different loading capacity optional. It can dehydrate different types of fruits, such as coconut copra dehydrate, desiccated coconut drying, coconut flake drying, peach dehydrate, strawberry dehydrate, dates dehydrate, pear dehydrate, plum or prunes dehydrate, cherry dehydrate, blueberry dehydrate, blackberry dehydrate, hawthorn dehydrate, golden berry dehydrate, goji dehydrate, longan dehydrate, litchi dehydrate, wax berry dehydrate, olive dehydrate, durian dehydrate etc.

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