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Apple Dryer Machine


DRYERA brand apple slice heat pump dryer, high energy saving efficiency, temperature range of 10-80℃ can be adjusted, a wide range of applications, can be used in agricultural products, food, wood, chemical, medicinal materials drying processing.

Air energy heat pump dryer, no special person on duty, automatic control, safer operation. 

Apple drying process

Place the cut apples evenly on the tray, then place the tray on each layer in the cart, and push the dryer for drying.

Temperature of drying chamber: 60-80℃, drying time: 5-10 hours. The final relative humidity reaches 10%.

The dried apples have a little elasticity. Put the dried finished product into the sealed container for 10-15 days, pick  out the waste products, package the high-quality apples, and pay attention to moisture during storage.

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