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Drying process of banana drying

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Drying process of banana drying

Banana (Musa acuminata) is widely grown in tropical and subtropical locations across the world.

India is first in banana production, accounting for about 26.62% of total global output (115.74 million tonnes), followed by China (10.0%). It is, nevertheless, a highly perishable item that deteriorates quickly during storage and is susceptible to refrigerated temperatures.

Furthermore, due to tissue damage, undesired physical, chemical, and metabolic changes occur at a quicker pace during food processing. As a result, there is a need to design an effective preservation procedure in order to get a stable banana product.

Drying is one such preservation approach, which has several advantages such as prolonging the shelf life of the product, making it easier to handle, and lowering packing, storage, and transportation costs. Apart from the more commonly available dried products such as slice and powder, sheet or leather has a potential market as a snack or dessert, and it can also be used as an ingredient in biscuits, breakfast cereal, and bakery products Dried bananas are dry products and have been produced in all banana producing areas around the world. In Guangdong banana producing area, every harvest season, the north transport is not timely, due to the high temperature, fast maturity, the phenomenon of product surplus, if not timely treatment will cause economic losses. Under this elder brother, it is necessary to process the ripe banana into fruit juice, jam or dried banana.

Banana processing process steps:

(1) Raw materials and treatment

Processing banana dried raw material requirements to have a higher maturity, that is, to achieve edible maturity, color and fragrance of the best period. Green banana flavor is poor, astringent taste, can not be processed, if too ripe banana is in a soft rotten state can not be processed. Raw material processing, first of all, the soft rotten, disease banana pick, with manual peeling, cut method to see the individual size of the banana, if the individual is large, should be semi-longitudinal cut, if the individual is small can not have to cut.

(2) Color protection treatment

Banana flesh contains polyphenols, even in ripe bananas, which can produce browning during processing and finished storage. In order to obtain good color products, it is necessary to protect the color treatment.

(3) Dry-out

Bananas are rich in sugar. If the temperature is too high in the drying process, such as 80 degrees Celsius, it will produce sugar coking phenomenon. If the temperature is too low, the baking time will be too long, neither of which will meet the requirements. So the drying temperature should be controlled at 60 ~ 65 degrees Celsius, and 18 ~ 20 hours to dry up. The water content of the finished product is required to be 16%.

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