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Flower Tea Drying Technique - Flower Drying Machine

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Flower Tea Drying Technique - Flower Drying Machine

Drying Flowers in Bulk Load Using a Dehydrator

It is general knowledge that fresh flowers have a limited lifespan. When they begin to turn brown or wilt, it is probably the end of the road. Today, however, we have several solutions for preserving the beauty of almost any arrangement! Drying flowers is one of the most common methods, and it is not as complicated or time-consuming as some may imagine. There are several flower drying methods to select from. One of these involves using your food dehydrator.

How to Dry Flowers and Why Should They Be Dried

The drying of plant materials is the most essential step in the drying process. The drying procedure dehydrates the flower materials, and the plant components that have just been picked must be dried as quickly as possible.

Flowers may be preserved in a variety of methods, although most only last a short time. Dried flowers, on the other hand, have added decorative value and can last for a long time. Dried flowers, branches, and other dried plants can be used in place of fresh plants and flowers. Their benefits include the capacity to be stored for an extended period of time, the absence of particular care (just dusting is necessary), and the fact that they are a one-time purchase, minimizing maintenance costs. Dried flowers are mostly utilized for two things. One of them is made into a sachet. For incense and relaxation, dried flower sachets are usually placed in the closet or by the bedside.

The Dehydrating Method

When arranging your flowers in the dehydrator, make sure to spread them out a little and avoid overlapping or touching them. This ensures an equal drying process. It’s also a good idea to divide your flowers into groups according to their type. Some flowers take longer to dry than others, while others dry in a matter of hours. Set your dehydrator’s thermostat to between 100 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes around 2–5 hours for the flowers to dry, and you should check on them occasionally but not too often to see how they’re doing.

So far, we get CE, FDA and many other certifications. Compared with traditional drying equipment, JIMU heat pump dryer will dry the material gently to keep color, smell and shape perfect. Meanwhile saving around 75% energy consumption.

MAKE THE DRYING EASY, it’s JIMU’s target. Easy model selection, easy transportation, easy installation, easy operation, moreover, easy in the cost. Choose JIMU heat pump dryer, choose an easier drying way. JIMU’s unique negative pressure air distribution design to ensure the even drying effect for almost all drying materials. JIMU’s closed drying system will steady work in any ambient condition. One piece design drying room will be perfectly suitable for container loading, you don’t need installation, but just connect to power supply to start drying by JIMU machine. Compact structure reduces the cost of machine observably, let the whole drying solution economic.

Let us know information of the material, also your question or confusion of drying process, JIMU will provide a tailor made solution for you immediately. JIMU Dryera heat pump dryer, MAKE YOUR DRYING EASY.

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