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Hibiscus Flowers Dryer Machine


The latest research and development of a low temperature dehumidification and cold drying equipment, can be used for drying high quality materials, temperature range of 3-55 degrees, unique drying technology, can keep color, fixed shape, drying more uniform.

It can dry a variety of high-quality materials, such as seafood, meat, flowers and high-end food.

Hibiscus flowers drying process: 

The early processed Hibiscus flowers has been layered on the tray, take the model of DTC-07DB machine as an example, a batch can be put into 300-700kg of flowers.

We have stainless steel carts and tray to choose, or you can directly stack the tray in the dryer, more space saving, do not affect the drying effect.

At the same time, our dryer can also achieve the effect of sterilization, to avoid causing pollution to materials.

After the flowers enter the dryer, we can set the drying time, temperature and humidity, on the control panel, without manual guard, cost saving, and simple operation.

 Hibiscus flowers drying machine    dried Hibiscus flowers machine

 Hibiscus flowers dehydrator    Hibiscus flowers dryer machine

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