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Heat Pump Dryer Project Introduction

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Heat Pump Dryer Project Introduction

Heat pump dryer is a new type of drying device, compared with the use of wood, coal, oil drying, heat pump drying equipment in the premise of significantly reducing energy consumption, to achieve energy saving, safety, environmental protection and other goals, for a lot of materials of low cost, high quality drying provides a new solution.

This project is a key project in 2023, with persimmon planting as the industry.

Drying requirements:

Drying to saccharification need artificial conversion material, adapt to different environment.

At present, the mechanized processing of persimmon is divided into three stages, that is, the raw persimmon after peeling into the baking room for about 6 hours, the persimmon is pulled out to dry, saccharification and remove astringent, repeated three times and out to complete the processing to the finished product, total time is more than a week.

Party A requires that the persimmon processing should be mechanized, and the whole process should be completed in the baking room. The environment of the baking room should be artificially interfered in the baking to realize the temperature and humidity control and have the refrigeration function, ensure the product quality reaches the standard, shorten the processing cycle, and the batch capacity of equipment is required to reach 70 tons.


Equipment configuration:

The project uses the air energy heat pump as the heat source, 30 sets of multi-functional heat pump are installed. The closed-loop heat pump and refrigeration module are configured, and the controller controls the heating and cooling conversion to meet the requirements of persimmon processing process, and realize the functions of dehydration, saccharification, astringent removal and color fixing.

It improves the degree of automatic processing, saves the labor cost, shortens the processing time, and improves the product quality.

Project features:

This project solves the persimmon processing need repeatedly in and out of the process, baking and drying way, overturn the traditional processing cycle, the disadvantages of the material need rotation, improve the degree of automation of persimmon processing, shorten the processing cycle, improve the product quality, the biggest feature is to increase the refrigeration function, realize fast remove astringent, save investment cost.

cheese drying machine

Energy-saving and emission-reduction:

Due to the low demand temperature of persimmon processing (about 40 degrees), the closed-loop dehumidification heat pump is adopted, and the dehumidification benefit is high under the demand temperature condition of persimmon. According to each set of equipment can process 2500 kg of materials, the total processing time is about 120 hours, drying finished products are about 750 kg, per kilowatt hour of electric dehydration 3 kg.

The whole power consumption is about 600 degrees, the electricity cost is 0.7 yuan / KWH, the electricity cost is about 420 yuan, the drying cost is lower than other heat sources. And a high degree of automation, with a remote control system, no need for manual duty, reduce labor costs. The heat source is not discharged and has no impact on the environment.

Customer Evaluation:

High cost performance, all-in-one installation, material saving; high degree of automation, remote control, shorten processing time, continuous processing, no midway cooling, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, meet the requirements of food processing site; stable performance, not affect the processing period; good product quality, meet the requirements of high-end products; large processing capacity, convenient for large-scale production.

Our company

JIMU is established since 2002 year, specializing in technology developing, manufacturing and marketing of heat pump dryers. With more than 20 years professional experience, our CEO and technical team provide excellent drying solution design and customized services. So far, we get CE, FDA and many other certifications. Compared with traditional drying equipment, JIMU heat pump dryer will dry the material gently to keep color, smell and shape perfect. Meanwhile saving around 75% energy consumption.


It’s JIMU’s target. Easy model selection, easy transportation, easy installation, easy operation, moreover, easy in the cost. Choose JIMU heat pump dryer, choose an easier drying way. JIMU’s unique negative pressure air distribution design to ensure the even drying effect for almost all drying materials. JIMU’s closed drying system will steady work in any ambient condition. One piece design drying room will be perfectly suitable for container loading, you don’t need installation, but just connect to power supply to start drying by JIMU machine. Compact structure reduces the cost of machine observably, let the whole drying solution economic.

Let us know information of the material, also your question or confusion of drying process, JIMU will provide a tailor made solution for you immediately. JIMU Dryera heat pump dryer, MAKE YOUR DRYING EASY.

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