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Garlic Drying Machine


Garlic drying, at the time of drying is using heat pump drying equipment to our garlic to drying, used to use the coal-fired boiler and these ways to dry, but this drying way, because there will be pollution gas when drying. Since the advent of heat pump drying, most people use one of our heat pump dryer equipment to dry our garlic.

Processing garlic into dry products through modern technology can not only retain the original flavor and nutrients, but also make the unique fragrance of garlic become soft before eating, and greatly prolong the storage time.

Garlic drying machineGarlic Dehydration Machine

Garlic drying step

Peel, slice the garlic, and wash.

Place the garlic slices evenly on the tray and put into the heat pump dryer.

Set the Temperature at 55-75℃ and drying time to 10-12 hours.

 Different treatment methods, the drying process will change, and also need to adjust the temperature and humidity , so this process is for reference only.

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