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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Heat Pump Dehydrator

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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Heat Pump Dehydrator

The heat pump drier, which has many advantages and few problems, has become the most preferred drying equipment for planting farmers in recent years. What are the benefits and drawbacks of heat pump dryers over sun drying, overcast drying, and electric heating drying? as a professional producer of special drying heat pumps, examines the benefits and drawbacks of heat pump dryers in terms of principle, drying range, drying process simplicity, drying quality, and nutritional level.

(1) Advantages and disadvantages of drying costs

The drying cost comprises the power cost, labor cost, material damage rate, dryer failure rate, purchase cost, and so on.

Both drying in the shade and drying have the drawback of requiring personnel expenditures to flip over and taking time and effort. The heat pump dryer operates on the inverse Carnot principle, which efficiently transfers heat from the air to the drying room and allows the materials to dry "for free." The benefits include natural power savings, environmental preservation, and great energy efficiency, however the drawbacks include It is necessary to construct an air-energy heat pump drying chamber, which is better suited for large-scale batch drying.

(2) Material drying range advantages and drawbacks

Dried materials primarily comprise fish with high protein and high water content, fruits and vegetables with high sugar content that are easily rotted, and rhizomes with high water retention, among others.The downside of sun-drying and shade-drying is that they can only target non-perishable rhizomes with low water content, and uneven drying of seafood can easily cause internal decomposition and degradation.

The heat pump drier can dry practically any material. Dried materials include seafood such as sea cucumber, starfish, squid, and abalone, fruits such as persimmon, banana, apple, and lychee, are examples of chemical coatings. The benefits of heat pump drying include a broad drying range and high adjust ability.

(3) The benefits and drawbacks of the drying effect

The drying of Chinese medicinal ingredients is the most demanding drying effect. The reason for this is because too high a temperature might easily produce changes in medical qualities or therapeutic substances. Obviously, temperature control is the most crucial.

To fulfill the temperature and humidity control requirements of Chinese medicinal materials, the heat pump dryer employs a PLC control system (including a control panel) built by the Foshan JIMU R&D team, which is equipped with Schneider's modular drying humidification mode and drying temperature settings. The heat pump drier has the benefit of allowing Chinese medicinal materials to evaporate moisture at the proper drying temperature without harming their chemical makeup.

To summarize, the drying market is less aware of the benefits of heat pump dryers. The heat source of air energy is free air, there is no pollution, and the non-toxic sealed environmentally friendly refrigerant is more helpful in reducing drying costs, which is advantageous to the market promotion of products and more people.Please contact us if you require any other information.

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