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Why don't you know anything about the DRYERA brand heat pump cantaloupe dryer?

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Why don't you know anything about the DRYERA brand heat pump cantaloupe dryer?

Cantaloupe is mainly produced in Xinjiang, rich in nutritional value, with 5% -16% sugar, contains vitamins, phosphorus, iron and other elements.

In addition to making fresh fruit, a cantaloupe can also be made dried cantaloupe from a cantaloupe dryer.

In recent years, dried fruit products gradually rise, dried cantaloupe and other dried fruit, gradually appeared in the sales market, many categories, good taste, has become a leisure snack, customers like it very much.

Some farmers in the home workshop type small scale, drying into dried cantaloupe and resale. Traditional cantaloupe drying, using the sun drying method, drying operation is simple, but easy to absorb dust, poor color and appearance, quality is not guaranteed, can not meet the market demand of mass production and high quality.


Processing Steps of Hami Melon

Separating the processing characteristics of Hami melons and comparing them with different types of Hami melons, the main and secondary factors that affect the fruit moisture content are type, temperature, maturity, and color protection solution. The optimal parameter is the starting temperature of 45 ℃. Placing melon slices in saline water can better maintain the fruit moisture content.

Drying Technology of Hami Melon

First, the temperature is set to 45℃ to ensure the heating effect, the humidity is controlled at about 25%, and the drying time is in 1 hour. The oven has reached a certain temperature, then the temperature is set to 47℃, the humidity is 20%, the drying time is 1 hour, to maintain the color of cantaloupe. Then the temperature is raised to 53℃, the humidity is set to 15%, the drying time is 1 hour, and then there is a slight drying effect. Then set the temperature to 57℃, the humidity is about 10%, continue to dry for 1 hour, the temperature is set to 63℃, the humidity is 6%, set the time for half an hour, check the color and shape of the cantaloupe slices, you can turn off, and the cantaloupe slices are removed from the drying room.

Before cantaloupe drying processing, we will test the sugar of melon nutrients, after our repeated testing and improvement, found the most suitable for local cantaloupe processing technology, can shorten the processing time, and can ensure that the maximum degree of nutrition is not lost, improve the quality of the melon, and the whole process does not use any additives, really do the green without added, natural color, keep cantaloupe natural sweet, using the microcomputer set temperature and humidity, automatic drying cantaloupe, greatly reduce the labor cost of drying cantaloupe, improve the quality of cantaloupe.


After drying, the moisture content reaches below 6%, and the fresh to dry ratio is around 10:1, which can meet the requirements of grinding. This drying takes nearly 5 hours.

Dryera brand heat pump fruit drying machine, it is perfect for the fruits drying, it with hot dry, cool dry and dehumidify function. The temperature is from 18C to 80C adjustable. After fully dried, even can use the cool air to cool the fruits before packing.

It only use 25% electricity compare to the traditional dryer, with different loading capacity optional. It can dehydrate different types of fruits, such as coconut copra dehydrate, desiccated coconut drying, coconut flake drying, peach dehydrate, strawberry dehydrate, dates dehydrate, pear dehydrate, plum or prunes dehydrate, cherry dehydrate, blueberry dehydrate, blackberry dehydrate, hawthorn dehydrate, golden berry dehydrate, goji dehydrate, longan dehydrate, litchi dehydrate, wax berry dehydrate, olive dehydrate, durian dehydrate etc.

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