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Food Drying Machine

Dryera brand heat pump food drying machine

Model Number: DPR-15
Power Supply: 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Input: 18.8to 41.5 Kw/h
Temperature range: 18C to 75C
Loading capacity: 3000-10,000Kg
MOQ: 1 Unit
Lead Time: 10~30 working days
Warranty: 1 Year

This hot air dryer machine mainly use to dry the products which can stack, then the hot air can go through from bottom to top and dry the products. This one the drying bin is separate, then the dryer machine can match with different bins, or the bins of clients current one. It can dry the products like spices, pepper, cardamom, coffee beans, walnuts etc.

Products introduction

ood drying machine food dryer manufacturer dehydrator oven

This dehydrator machine mainly for the big capacity, from 3,000kg to 10,000kg optional.

This type the dryer machine and drying room are separated, the drying bin are separate, and the size can be customized. It is flexible with different size and products dying, even can match with the current bin of clients.

This one is very easy to install, because the dryer machine already with big fans, just connect the dyer machine part and the bin part is ok. Easy to load and unload the products.

Why dryera heat pump dryer?

food dehydrator dryer

Use heat pump technology which can saves 75% electricity

commercial food dehydrator machine  food drying machine dryer

The material can stack on the mesh plate area in the machine, easy to load and unload the products. This way more for the products each one with big gaps, like chilli, spices, nuts and beans. 

hot air blower food drying machine  food drying oven

It is optional that use the small drying bin to load the products and then put into the room for the drying. This way is is easy to transfer the products, like with a lot of portable small trolleys.

ood drying equipment

Compact size, save the space a lot and can load more products

commercial food drying machine

Panted negative fan design, even on the top with strong wind, products can be dried 100% evenly


Temp. Control 18~75 18~75 18~75
Dehumi. Capacity L/h 15-20 35~45 45~60
Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify Heat dry, Cool dry, Dehumidify
Drying Cabinet Size mm 1220*1240*600 1600*2140*600 3000*2140*600
Mobile stainless steel frame  mm 2110*1310*2250 2920*2200*2280 5030*2200*2280

Rated Power Input kW 10.6 18.8 35.4
Rated Current Input A 21 37.3 58.4
Voltage/Frequency V,HZ 380V/50HZ/60Hz 380V/50HZ/60Hz 380V/50HZ/60Hz
Emergency Auxiliary Heating Power Input kW 6 18 30
Refrigerant Type
R134a R134a R134a
Weight and packing

Operation ambient Temp. -5-50 -5-50 -5-50
Weight kg 850 1600 1800
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) mm 2110*1310*2250 2920*2200*2280 5030*2200*2280

Why heat pump dehydrator?

The new heat pump technology used in the drying industry is a major breakthrough, which saves the operation cost up to 75%. The difference similar as the traditional electric water heater and the heat pump water heater, because heat pump is to transfer the heat in the air from outside to the chamber inside.

Bellowing is the electricity consumption in different dryers:

Heating method Electric heater Coal boiler Coal-fired boiler Natural gas boiler Nomal HPD Our HPD
Calories required to remove 1kg of water According to relevant authoritative information, the average heat required to remove 1kg of water is 1.35kw/kg, or 1161kcal/kg
Fuel type Electricity Coal Diesel fuel Natural gas Electricity Electricity
Burning value 860kcal/kwh 5500kcal/kg 8000kcal/L 8600kcal/m3 860kcal/kwh 860kcal/kwh
Thermal efficiency 95% 30% 85% 85% 300% 500%
Effective calorific value 817kcal 1650kcal 6800kcal 7310kcal 2580kcal 4300kcal
unit price of fuel 0.6yuan/kwh 1yuan/kg 7.4yuan/L 5yuan/m3 0.6yuan/kwh 0.6yuan/kwh
consume fuel 0.852kwh 0.7kg 0.17L 0.159m3 0.27kwh 0.162kwh
running cost 0.852 0.7 1.26 0.795 0.27 0.162
labor cost Meddium High High High Meddium Low
Safety performance Not safe Not safe Not safe Not safe Not safe Safe
Environmental pollution No very serious quite serious quite serious No No
Equipment service life 5-8 years 6-9years 6-9years 6-9years 6-10years 10-15years

Products Details

wholesale food drying machine

Digital PLC control board easy to set your parameters like drying temperature, humidity and drying time etc.

Smart module control system, automatic regulation and a 24 - hour unattended operation.

food drying machine manufacturers  food drying machine suppliers

Inside of the drying bin optional with SS304 or coated steel

The size of drying bin can be customized

food drying machine manufacturing company

Patented negative pressure fan design, the products can be dried 100% evenly

food dehydrator dryer factory  commercial food dehydrator machine factory

No need tools to open the panel and check each parts if need any inspect or repair

food drying machine dryer price

Stack the products on the tray area is ok. Hot air will go penetrate from bottom to top and dry the products. Saves a lot of labor to load and unload the products.


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flowers drying meat drying seafood dehydrating
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pet food dehydrating green leaves dehydrating fish dehydrating
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