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Dried Dates Drying Machine


Traditional dates drying mainly relies on coal oven baking or drying, which is greatly affected by the weather. In a long time of rainy weather, fresh dates may rot. The drying temperature of the coal furnace is difficult to control, the heating and humidity are all manual, the experience and technical requirements are high, so the quality of the dried dates is unstable, the quality is uneven, and the coal furnace dry dust is large, can not meet the national health standards, mass production will cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, red date drying needs a hygienic and efficient drying method.

Air source heat pump drying equipment is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving drying equipment, consumes a small amount of electricity, the low heat energy absorbed from the air into high heat energy, so as to meet the needs of material drying.

dehydrating machine for dates

Red dates drying steps

The picked dates are cleaned, graded, loaded into stainless steel or plastic trays, and then put into the dates dryer.

However, it cannot be directly dried at high temperature, which needs to be preheated first, the temperature is set to 45℃, and the time is 2-3 hours.

In the second stage, the temperature is set to 65℃ for 3-5 hours, and pay attention to dehumidification in this stage.

Finally, set the temperature at 45-50℃ for 6 hours, and the drying was completed.

Different treatment methods, the drying process will change, and also need to adjust the temperature and humidity , so this process is for reference only.

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