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Tomato Drying Machine


Traditional tomato drying method have sun drying, coal and burning wood drying, sun drying to a certain extent can save equipment costs, but affected by the weather, rainy weather cannot normal dry, and tomato juice is rich, drying takes a long time, the quality of drying is uneven, coupled with open air drying, easy to suffer from dust pollution and fly bites.

The drying temperature of coal burning and firewood is not easy to control, and the skill level is high. In addition, coal burning firewood will produce a lot of harmful gases, which not only causes harm to the food safety of tomatoes, but also pollutes the atmospheric environment, which is not in line with the main development direction of the market.

Air source heat pump drying as a new drying method, the air as a heat source, absorb the low heat energy from the air, and then consume a small amount of electric energy to convert the low heat energy into high heat energy, so as to dry the material. As a new type of material drying method, air source heat pump drying can achieve 24 hours of continuous drying, intelligent control, not affected by the weather, mass drying, fully meet the market demand.

JIMU heat pump drying manufacturers have rich experience, took over and successfully implemented countless drying projects, whether it is fruits and vegetables, seafood, Chinese medicinal materials or industrial products drying, air energy manufacturers have rich experience, can meet a variety of drying needs.

Tomato Drying MachineDry Tomato Machine

Tomato drying steps

Wash the tomatoes, peel, and cook in sugar water.

Put the processed tomatoes on the material tray, and then put the tomato into the tomato heat pump dryer.

Set the drying temperature of 60-65℃, the drying time is 15-20 hours, and The moisture content is about 18%.

Different treatment methods, the drying process will change, and also need to adjust the temperature and humidity , so this process is for reference only.

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