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Kiwi Dryer Machine


Why use a heat pump dryer to dry the dried kiwi fruit?

First of all, the heat pump dryer can accurately control the temperature and humidity, so that the kiwi fruit in the drying process of heating evenly, so as to retain its nutrients and natural flavor.

Secondly, the drying speed of the heat pump dryer is fast, which can shorten the drying cycle and improve the production efficiency.

In addition, the heat pump dryer energy saving and environmental protection, reduce energy consumption, more environmentally friendly.

In general, the heat pump dryer can ensure the quality, taste and nutritional value of kiwi fruit.

Kiwi Dryer MachineKiwifruit Drying Machine

Kiwi fruit drying step

Peel, slice, and soak the kiwi fruit.

Then put the kiwi pieces evenly on the tray, and then put into the heat pump dryer.

Set the drying temperature at 50-55℃ for 20 hours.                                                                                                      Different treatment methods, the drying process will change, and also need to adjust the temperature and humidity , so this process is for reference only.

Heat pump dryer has many advantages in the production of dried kiwi fruit. It can retain the nutrients and natural flavor of kiwi fruit, improve production efficiency, save energy consumption, and has a high drying control and flexibility.

Whether for home use or commercial production, the heat pump dryer is ideal for making kiwi fruit.

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