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Grape Drying Machine


The traditional grape drying method is drying in the sun. This drying method is greatly affected by the weather, and is exposed to the sun for a long time, which is easy to cause fly bites or dust pollution, and it is difficult to ensure the safety and hygiene of finished products.

In addition, the sun dry raisins are easy to sour, bad color, dry uneven, sugar easy to spread, it is difficult to sell a good price in the market. At present, grape drying is recommended to use a heat pump dryer to operate, instead of the traditional sun-drying method.

The air source heat pump dryer takes the air as the heat source, absorbs the low heat energy from the air, and then consumes a small amount of electric energy to convert the low heat energy into the high heat energy, so as to meet the needs of grape drying.

Using intelligent operation, you can flexibly adjust the temperature and humidity according to the attributes of the grapes, is not affected by the weather, you can achieve 24 hours of continuous drying.

Grape Drying MachineRaisin Processing Machine

Grape drying step

Place the washed grapes on the tray and into the grape dryer.

In the first stage, set the initial temperature at 40-5℃ for 2 hours, which can remove grape surface moisture.

In the second stage, the temperature rose to 55℃ for 10 hours.

In the third stage, set the temperature to 60℃ for 10 hours.

In the fourth stage, the temperature was controlled at 55℃ for 5 hours and the moisture content is approximately 12%.

Different treatment methods, the drying process will change, and also need to adjust the temperature and humidity , so this process is for reference only.

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